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1960 Corvette
C1 1960 Corvette. Photo taken at Pound Ridge NY car show .
67 Corvette
L79 Small Block
1969 C3 Corvette
Glendale California Cars & Coffee
1969 Corvette
C8 Corvette
2021 Corvette
C8 Engine
C8 Mid Engine
2023 Z06 Corvette
670HP on Display at LA Auto Show
2023 Z06 Corvette
LA Auto Show
2018 Ford GT
Beautiful GT
Ford Street Rod
Really Nice Flames
Ford Street Rod
Really Cool Paint and Flames
General Lee
Actual TV Car
Rat Rod
Rat Rod
Hot Rod
Pink 56 T-Bird
56 Thunder Bird
1931 Ford ?
1931? Ford Street Rod
46 Ford Custom
46 Ford Radical Custom
46 Custom Ford
Ford Custom Hubcap
Really Nice Custom Hubcap
62 Impala
1962 Impala SS
49 Ford
49 Ford With Flames Brewster NY
67 Ford Mustang
67 Ford Mustang GT 350
68 Camaro SS at Pound Ridge Car Show
SS Camaro at Pound Ridge
Chevelle SS
66 Chevelle SS Restomod at Playland
Farm Truck
California Glendale Cars & Coffee
Monster Stereo
Don't Stand to Close !!!!
Monster Truck
Rat Rod Tow Truck
Somers Car Show
1960 Pontiac
Getting ready to leave (don't forget the cat)

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Spring Edition

New Car Show posted Westchester Corvettes held at FDR Park May 19. Check out the photos.

We offer a collection of classic car photos, 60s memorabilia, past and present car show photos, and anything unique to the 60s decade, remember the 60s, muscle cars, cool music, and .35 cents a gallon gas?  

Check out our car show schedules, photos, and videos. Drop us a note below
with your suggestions.

Email your car show flyers, schedules, and swap meets and I will post them.
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Featured Cars

Classic Cars and Electric Vehicles
There are now several completed conversions of classics from gas to electric. Search Google or YouTube for videos of classic cars converted to electric.
EV Corvette Stingray E-Ray
Another trend is the change from gas to electric in some of our traditional performance cars. Examples are the Mustang Mach-E performance SUV and the Corvette. In the next several years, we'll see an electric motor-driven Stingray with 1000hp  and an proberly an SUV version.

Stay tuned; electric vehicles are here to stay.

Classic Cars
Will classic cars remain collectable? Is the interest in these cars a passing phase of the older generation, and baby boomers? Will phrases like 3-deuces, dual quads, 4-speed, high-test gas, muscle cars, land yachts, and hot rods, fade away? Will there be anyone left to appreciate all the unique styling features, chrome everywhere, fins, hard tops, vinyl tops, fast backs, and muscle cars?

1969 Factory 427 Bel Air                                                 
Do you remember when you had multiple option choices when you placed an order to purchase a new vehicle, model, trim levels, choice of exterior and interior colors, performance packages, and engine / transmission options.
Those were the days!

Is there another generation to pick up where we leave off, or will these cars end up abandoned in garages and junk yards?
The younger car enthusiasts seem more interested in the 2000-era performance cars and trucks to personalize and customize. With small engine displacements, high horsepower, computerized engine tunes, sophisticated electronics, high performance, and decent gas mileage it's hard not to appreciate these vehicles.

I cannot help but remember all the restored model T’s and A’s that were all the rage when I was growing up, now they seem to be all but forgotten. Is there a future for our classic 50s and 60s cars?
First Aid Kit for My C2 Corvette
You’re out cruising on Sunday in your classic is it always on your mind that you might break down, and what would you do? No parts are available, it’s Sunday, and it looks like your only option is to get call a flatbed service to get it home. Most of these old classic cars have belts, hoses, points, condensers, distributor caps, rotors, and ignition coils that are way past their prime, and these are the parts that are most likely to fail and leave you stranded.  

Only if you had the parts and tools. Even if you were lucky enough to be close to a local auto parts store some of these parts are becoming difficult to get, which further complicates the problem.

I decided to put together an Emergency Parts kit to deal with this, and if nothing else it gives me the chance of getting it going instead of sitting there waiting for help. Keep in mind I wasn’t looking for NCRS original parts, but good quality new parts to get me going. I sourced most of them from Amazon and eBay and for about $100 this is what I purchased:
Alternator belt
      • Water pump belt
      • Ignition coil
      • Points and condenser
      • Assorted hose clamps
      • ½ drive socket set
      • Set of wrenches
      • A couple of screwdrivers
      • Pliers
      • Vice grips
      • Feeler gauge
        • Electrical tape
          • Box of assorted screws and bolts

      All this fits in an inexpensive 24” plastic toolbox.

      Is it Classic, Antique, or Muscle Car
      Brass Era
      This is an American term and generally refers to automobiles that were manufactured between 1896-1915. Known as the "Brass Era" because of the brass radiators, headlights, and other trim. They are also referred to as the “Horseless Carriages”.

      There are different definitions as to what defines an antique car. The Antique Car Club of America defines an antique car as any car over 25 years old. However, definitions for registration requirements vary from state to state. The antique car era includes the Brass era, Veteran era, and cars up to the 1930s. Later years are often referred to as Classic cars.

      A Classic car is defined as an “older car” generally at least 25 years old. Most collectors also feel it must have historical  interest to be called a “Classic”. Historical interest is a very broad term, it can mean anything from a 50s Ford to a Chevy pickup. Today most all 50s, 60s, and 70s cars can be called classics. This is most evident at all the local car shows and the variety of cars that are on display.


      Muscle Cars  
      Muscle car is a category of high-performance classic American cars, The most popular were intermediate-sized cars with large displacement, high hp V8 engines. They were all rear-wheel drive, and most were versions of midsize family cars IE the GM A-body cars as well  as midsize and full-sized from Ford, Chrysler, and American Motors.

      Some of the most recognisable and collectable:
      • Chevelle SS, All-Big Block full-Size Chevys, Big Block Nova, Corvette, Camaro
      • Pontiac GTO, GTO Judge, Firebird
      • Buick GXS, Buick Riviera, Buick Skylark Gran Sport, Buick Skylark GS455
      • Olds 442
      • Plymouth Road Runner, Plymouth Duster 340, Plymouth Barracuda, Plymouth Superbird, Plymouth GTX 440+6,
        HEMI Barracuda
      • Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Dodge Super Bee
      • Ford Shelby Mustangs, Ford Fairlane Torino GT Cobra Jet, Galaxy 427, 1969 Ford Talladega, 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra
      • AMC AMX, AMC Rebel, AMC Javlin, AMC AMX 390 SS, AMC SC/Rambler
      2010 Camaro 2SS, 6 speed, Hurst short throw shifter,
      Airaid cold air intake and 426hp.
      Car is Inferno Orange and has under 1500 miles on it.
      My 1967 Corvette

      Car is rally red with stock rally wheels.  Original N14 sidepipe option. Engine is the L79 350hp, 327 . Transmission is a Muncie M20.
      Car has the original motor, tranny, and 3.70:1 posi rear. Softray tinted glass and black interior.
      Click on the "My 67 Photos" tab for more pictures.

      Attention Car Clubs:
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