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Facts About Weather
by A-Man the Meteorologist
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The Hurricane season in the Alantic in 2022 is from June 1 to Nov 30. First Hurricane of the season will be named Alex.
Hurricanes are big storms that can destroy buildings, houses, and vehicles in the billions of dollars..
They form from tropical depressions off the coast of Africa. As these depressions move across the Atlantic they sometimes gain strength and become hurricanes. They have different names depending where they form, they are either called cyclones or typhoons in parts of the Pacific.

Hurricane strength is measured by the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale:

  • 1  74-95 mph  Some damage from down trees and utility outages from dangerous high winds           
  • 2  96-110 mph  Dangerous winds will cause extensive damage
  • 3  111-129 mph  Damage will be extensive to homes and structures
  • 4  130-156 mph  Severe damage to buildings, and infrastructure, will occur
  • 5  157 mph or higher  Extremely severe damage and in some cases total destruction will occur
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