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Facts About Weather
by A-Man the Meteorologist
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One day  you go to the beach, you see the sea vanish then 10 minutes later you see a giant wave, you better run it’s a Tsunami! Tsunamis are giant waves that can reach 100 feet high! Over 1,000 people can drown in a Tsunami!
What causes a Tsunami? There are lots of thing that can cause tsunamis like: landslides, volcanic eruptions, meteor showers and earthquakes.
Tsunamis travel at 500 to 600 mph! that is as fast as a jet! Tsunamis mostly happen in the ring of fire which is from California to Indonesia. Also, they are very rare the last one happened 9 years ago in Japan. The safest place to be in a tsunami is high ground like the empire state building in New York USA. So, the next time you hear a tsunami siren get to high ground.     

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