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Facts About Weather
by A-Man the Meteorologist
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Blizzards are severe snowstorms that can dump lots and lots of snow on wherever they go. One of the major problems that occur during a blizzard is whiteouts.

Whiteouts are heavy snow that blows around and causes poor visibility cars crash, people get lost and people get frostbites. Another major problem is the wind with gusts that are 35 MPH or higher causing snowdrifts, power outages,  and icy road conditions. The states that are prone to blizzards are Maine, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, Colorado, Alaska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. But almost all the states in the USA have gotten at least one blizzard.

There is also a condition known as a ground blizzard where snow that has already fallen blows around snow causing huge snowdrifts, decreased visibility, and dangerous conditions.  


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