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Haboobs and Derechos
Facts About Weather
by A-Man the Meteorologist
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Haboobs and Derechos
Derechos are very interesting because of how they form. Derechos form by air being dragged by precipitation. They can have to wind up to 100 MPH and higher.
Derechos are nicknamed “Ground Hurricanes” because they form on the ground like a thunderstorm, and have winds that can be as high as hurricanes. They are also long-lasting and traveling storms they can travel over 400 miles! They are also 60 miles in width which means they are giant storms that can be seen miles away since it’s so big!
Derechos can relate to Super Cell Thunderstorms which are also named Tornado storms. Tornados are most likely to form in Derechos because of the wind the tornado is likely to be a Cone tornado (EF4-EF5) since the winds are over 100 MPH. So never underestimate Derechos or Supercells.
Haboobs are giant sandstorms that can travel for miles. It has been known to travel from the Sahara Dessert to Arizona! Which is 7,551 miles away! (Yes it is exact). Haboobs can blind you while driving because Haboobs block all sunlight which means when entering you will be left in complete darkness. This is a big problem for drivers but it is better than walking into it. There is dust everywhere In the storm, you will not only get dust in your eyes but you will most likely breathe it in. which can damage your lungs and you will be choked to death, Or if you are lucky will just mean your lungs will 100% be damaged but you will just survive but you will need medical help. Well, that’s all!
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