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C2 Facts
C2 Corvette Facts
1963 - 1967
The 1963 model year was the first year for the new Corvette Sting Ray. The car was a complete redesign and for the first time was available as a fastback coupe and a convertible. It featured many innovations, including folding headlights, and a rear split window.  The split window was the most controversial and only lasted for the 63 model year. Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Chief Engineer, and known as the "Father of the Corvette" was opposed to it because it limited the driver's visibility while Bill Mitchell who was the Chief Designer wanted to keep it.  Ultimately Duntov won out and it was removed on the 1964 model.  Duntov also designed the new frame to include independent rear suspension to make it more competive as a true sports car.

What years are the cars in the photo, answer at the bottom of the page

  • 1963 - 1967 Corvettes Facts  
  • 1963
  • First of the completely redesigned Corvette from the C1 to the Corvette Sting Ray
  • The first time the Corvette was offered as a true coupe and a convertible
  • The split rear window on the coupe
  • Folding Headlights
  • The first Corvette without a trunk
  • Grill inserts on the hood
  • Independent rear suspension

  • 1964
  • Split window discontinued, it obstructed the driver's vision
  • Eliminated the non functional grills in the hood recesses
  • C-pillar louvers have grills (functional on driver's side)
  • Headlight buckets are made of metal, not of fiberglass
  • The steering wheel is wood grain plastic

  • 1965  
  • Louvers changed to 3 openings on front fenders
  • The grill depressions on the hood are removed
  • 396 engines are now an option (Big Block)
  • New 396 emblems on fenders
  • Big block cars have a functional distinctive power bulge hood
  • Four-wheel disc brakes
  • Reflectors removed from the door panels
  • Gas door lid has a new emblem        
  • Only year grill is black with bright trim ring

  • 1966
  • First year the 427 was offered in the Corvette, the L30 390HP and the L72 425hp
  • The 427's retained the power bulge on the hood
  • The grill is now a metal casting with a new design
  • C-pillar side louvers gone
  • Left side front of the hood has new Sting Ray emblem
  • Rocker panel trim molding is now painted black.
  • Backup lights are now the inboard taillight
  • Emergency Four-way flashers

  • 1967
  • Last year of the C2 Corvette
  • Removed all the Corvette emblems on the hood, fender flags, and sid:e body emblems.
  • The standard wheel is now the Rally wheels
  • Backup lights relocated to oblong light above the license plate
  • Pull up parking brake on the center console
  • First year of the tri-power 427
  • New Stinger hood on all big block cars
  • Five front-facing gills on front fenders
  • Answers
  • The red one is a 1964 note the grills are missing in the hood recesses.
  • The blue one is a little harder, if you look closely you will notice the "power bulge on the hood", that now meant it is a "427" , but the big teller is the missing louvers on the C-panel which were removed on the 1966 coupe.
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